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Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Kalila, aka Dr. K., and I can’t wait to help inspire you to live your best life ever – healthy and well!

Me at the pool

I get excited by organic food and grass-fed meat. I’m a CrossFitter and clean-eating enthusiast who enjoys baking paleo-friendly treats for family and friends. I love dogs (that’s Hershey, our chocolate lab, pictured here) and horseback riding.

Hershey and I

My kryptonite? Organic popcorn slathered in lots of grass-fed butter, himalayan salt and nutritional yeast (don’t judge ’til you try it 🙂 )

Hershey and I at the pool looking at each other

I’m a medical doctor with a passion for health and wellness. After medical school, I started a personal health journey where I slowly came to understand what true health encompassed (and boy, did med school miss a few details to say the least).

I’ve worked in hospitals seeing patients as well as in the corporate world (health insurance). Let me tell you, a surprising number of friends and colleagues, like myself, were unhealthy, unfulfilled and down right frustrated with their lifestyles – we were overweight, overworked and unsatisfied. We weren’t living the life that we wanted and definitely weren’t loving the life that we were living.

I soon realized that I didn’t want myself or anyone else to live like that anymore! By slowly making healthy lifestyle improvements, I was able to lose weight, get fitter and become a happier, healthier person, both physically and mentally. My health journey still continues – we never do stop learning, do we? – and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Introducing Healthy Life Hack: sharing with the world that living a healthy life is fun, fulfiling and tasty (check out how to work with me here!).

Healthy Life Hack is dedicated to helping you reach your ultimate life balance. You will find the medicine and science behind becoming the healthier, happier and better version of yourself that you were meant to be! Healthy Life Hack will show you what is truly healthy versus marketing hype, and the scientific evidence behind the truth.

There is no one size fits all for a healthy life, and what may work for one person may not work for another, so you can depend on Healthy Life Hack’s information to make changes that work with your body and your life.


I believe that a healthy life begins with eating clean and exercising. But it doesn’t stop there! A healthy life encompasses your entire lifestyle – including meditating, taking care of yourself and even going to bed on time.

Healthy Life Hack is designed to inform and inspire you to enjoy the best life that you deserve. If you want to increase your energy, happiness and contentment while improving your health – you’ve come to the right place! You will find delicious, clean recipes along with fact-based health and wellness information to turn your life into the one you’ve always wanted to live!

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