Freedom Lifestyle Coaching

Freedom Lifestyle Coaching is for those who want to start living a unique and extraordinary lifestyle that supersedes the status quo to achieve their dream of “I’ve always wanted too…” and make it become a reality.

I help ambitious and motivated women transform their dream life into their real life, one confident step at a time. 

If you have a big goal to start your online coaching business and quit the cubicle, you deserve to have the confidence, clarity and amazing support to make it happen!

Having a big dream can seem daunting and fill us FULL of fear. We give ourselves every excuse under the sun NOT to achieve our dreams.

We tell ourselves that we NEED to wait until:

  • We get a raise
  • Save enough $$
  • Finish this project
  • We finally have enough time to ___________
  • Or tell ourselves that our dream is just a fantasy, no WAY can we actually live it because of XYZ…

The important thing to remember is that this is all just our brain telling us to be SAFE and stay with what we know and DON’T try something new that may lead to an amazing life.

The real truth is: There IS no perfect time.

And on the flip side?

This means that each moment IS the perfect time to start achieving your goal.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

 If you are serious about taking steps to FINALLY achieve your goals of:

  • Starting and growing your own online coaching/consulting business (we ALL have a gift of coaching, the secret is finding what your unique talent is that fills you with purpose and a sense of accomplishment)
  • Being able to work location-free anywhere in the world with wifi so that you can serve clients while traveling to different countries – who says you can’t work AND play?
  • Becoming financially-independent so that you can take care of yourself and your family (and surprise loved ones with travel, gifts, helping with school fees, mortgage assistance etc.)
  • Attracting and closing beautiful ideal clients with ease!
  • Planning your OWN work and holiday schedule so that you no longer have to stay within the constraints of pre-assigned annual vacation leave
  • Creating the amazing lifestyle that you KNOW you can have so that you truly embrace freedom, financial independence and fun in your life
  • Designing and actually LIVING your ideal life so that you no longer have to dream of “what if…”

Then Freedom Lifestyle Coaching is for you.

I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

 I’ve successfully pivoted careers multiple times and am now LOVING being an entrepreneur. 

Leaving a 6-figure job is hard (I know, because I did it!) to pursue a dream of yours takes courage, inner growth and the right coaching to make it happen.

I work with millennial women, helping them start and grow their online coaching business with abundance, attract ideal clients and design their dream lifestyle.

I help you work through overwhelm, fear, limiting beliefs and money mindset issues that hold you back so you can confidently grow your business and make a positive impact.

Going from self-doubt to beautiful confidence is my specialty! Helping you create an online coaching business that supports your dream life of freedom, wellness and travel is what I’m all about.

I’m an animal lover, tea enthusiast and Freedom Lifestyle Coach who lives in the Cayman Islands. I’m also a medical doctor, former health insurance executive, speaker, wellness consultant and double-certified life coach.

Are you ready to create your beautiful life, make a positive impact, work in in inspiring locations and live life on your own terms?



Freedom lies in being bold.

My 4-Step Process to Help You Create Your Dream Online Coaching Business:

1. First, I help you to identify what having a fulfilling and happy life and business really looks like for you. Because in order to attract something new into your life, you must first be clear with what it is that you want.

2. Next, we identify ways that we can streamline your current life (say good-bye to overwhelm!) to give yourself room to explore and grow your business. And this is often a lot more simple than you might think!

3. Building on that forward momentum, over the next six months I work to support you in creating a customized plan to transform your online coaching business from dream to reality.

4. Finally, as your coach, my job is to gently guide you in keeping you focused, motivated and accountable during your transformation. Because as you know, change isn’t always easy – setbacks occur, life happens, limiting beliefs might surface. So through our work together, I’ll help you overcome any challenges that may arise so that you can move confidently forward towards having the life and business that you really love.

So for those of us curious to open that discussion and ask ourselves, what IS possible..?

… Then Freedom Lifestyle Coaching may be right for you.

If you’re tired of living life on autopilot and serious about taking the next RIGHT step for you, book a call HERE and let’s chat about it. 

If any of this has resonated with you, then this may be a good time to pause, take a breath, and check-in with yourself to see if exploring more about Freedom Lifestyle Coaching is for you. 

How will you know it’s the right decision if you never make it?

For 6 months you will receive:

  • Biweekly, one-on-one 45-minute calls ($5,497 value)
  • UNLIMITED email access for support between calls ($2,999 value)
  • Weekly email accountability check-ins from me to keep you on track ($1,497 value)
  • Customized plan for creating your business and getting clients ($497 value)
  • A goal-setting, deep-dive workbook to get you clarity AND results before we even get started ($197 value)

  • Get featured in my private Facebook Group, The Freedom Lifestyle Coach ($497 value)




6 Payments of $997





(Pay in full and get one month FREE!)

Prices quoted in USD.

Here’s what others have to say:

“Working with Kalila Bodden is a wonderful investment to make in yourself!

In my time working with Kalila I started out with a lot of anxiety about my new business which surfaced in the form of self sabotage and avoidance. Kalila helped me to take the pressure off and allow myself the space to step back and re-focus so that I could find clarity around my niche and my messaging. She also helped me to tackle some perfectionist tendencies and confidence issues in order to make steps forward and move into an online presence without so much stalling and over-thinking.

With Kalila’s guidance I have finally allowed myself to slow down and see the next step in front of me while I build the framework for my own coaching business and enjoy the freedom that my business provides me along the journey!

Kalila is a fantastic coach who is genuine, caring, understanding, and vastly knowledgeable when it comes to building a healthy and happy life on your own terms!

For those of you on the fence about working with Kalila I suggest you go for it!  

Thank you for the wonderful insight, support and guidance Kalila!”

  • Laura Koschade, Strategic Goal Setting and Finance Coach

Don’t let your life go by asking yourself, “What if..?”

Take a chance on yourself and see if Freedom Lifestyle Coaching is what you need to unlock your incredible new future.

Where will you be next year? Still sitting in the office telling yourself “one day”..?

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