Wellness Consulting and Coaching

One-on-One Wellness Consulting and Coaching

Nutrition and wellness have been a passion of mine from day 1 (the whole reason why I went to medical school in the first place!), and my clients have been getting amazing results. Not just with their bodies, but their mindset as well to ensure lasting change and improvement.

My Wellness Consulting Package is meant for you if:

  • You’ve tried everything to get the body that you’ve always wanted (or want back!), but nothing is working
  • You’re tired of feeling tired
  • You are so busy run off of your feet that you just can’t find the time to get your head around being ‘healthy’
  • You’re investing big $$ in all these ‘health’ foods and latest exercise trends, but you’re not seeing any benefits (except a thinner wallet!)
  • You’ve tried for years to lose (or gain) weight, but any change you made has always been temporary
  • You are motivated and driven to FINALLY get the weight and body that you’ve always worked so hard towards

Health begins with nutrition.

During our time together, we will dive deep (and I mean up-close-and-personal) with YOUR favourite foods, habits and lifestyle.

Because wellness and health is NOT cookie-cutter – one size does NOT fit all. If it did, we would all have perfect bodies right now!

If this program sounds like it’s just made for you, let’s book your free Wellness Discovery Call to chat about it here!

The beauty of 1-on-1 coaching is the undivided attention of a loyal and expert coach before, during AND after our consultations.

Everything is tailored to you and your style, so that you’re able to live the lifestyle that you want WHILE getting the results that you crave.

  • You will also get a customized grocery shopping list so you know exactly what you need from the grocery store in order to stock your home with food that will make you hit (and exceed) your targets.
  • You even get a personalized meal-plan so you know exactly WHAT to do with the foods that you get from the grocery store! This meal-plan is totally based on your lifestyle and what you like to eat. No broccoli casseroles in here (unless, you like broccoli casseroles, that is!)
  • During our 3 months together, we will have 6 one-hour calls for focus, motivation and accountability where we track your progress and smash your goals.
  • You also get 24/7 unlimited email access to me during this time! Many clients find this extremely useful to receive coaching, support motivation and clarity between sessions.


Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.


For 3 months you will receive:

  • 1 x 1.5-hour intensive one-on-one wellness deep dive session ($697 value)
  • 5 x 1-hour biweekly one-on-one calls ($2,749 value)
  • Personalized Meal-Plan Tailored To YOU ($497 value)
  • Cooking Schedule created around your individual lifestyle ($497 value)
  • Customized Grocery List ($299 value)
  • Lifestyle Coaching – we holistically cover your exercise, sleep and stress to name a few! ($1,997 value)
  • UNLIMITED email access for support between calls ($1,497 value)
  • Weekly accountability emails to keep you on track ($749 value)




3 Payments of $925





(Pay in full and save $275!)

Prices quoted in USD.

If you’ve tried everything in the past to get in shape and are just tired of trying and failing again, my 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching may just be for you.


Here’s what others have to say:

“Working with Kalila, I created a program that matched my schedule and the way I want to live.

Kalila was also a huge support when I was preparing for a vacation that I thought might throw me off my plan.  We created a plan with practices to help me achieve a greater sense of balance while I traveled and enjoyed my holidays

Kalila’s approach is truly holistic.  She looks at the bigger picture with you so it’s about a lot more than fitness and nutrition.  It’s about you as a person.

I would recommend Kalila’s services and programs to any one who has previously
struggled with nutrition, fitness and general wellness.”

  • Karen K., Business and Marketing Consultant

You won’t ever have to try another fad diet or cut out a food group again because everyone else is doing it.

“As a 60 year old who has struggled with weight issues my entire life, following a life threatening illness a few years ago, I decided drastic change was required.

I had followed many diets over the years and, although I did lose weight every time, I didn’t manage to keep the weight off for prolonged periods of time.

This led me to the realisation that I needed to find a better way to do it.  Instead of concentrating on just weight loss, I decided that I would try to change my existing relationship with food completely.

To do this I would need a better understanding of exactly what I was putting into my body and the effects thereof.

The world in which we live is filled with so many easy options that a lot of us tend to take this route.  Many foods, particularly processed foods, are full of additives that can play havoc with your digestive system thus leaving you feeling really bloated and uncomfortable.

Around twelve months ago a friend told me about a company called Healthy Life Hack that had a really good approach to healthy living.  I must admit that I was extremely sceptical that an online site would be the answer to my prayers.

How wrong was I. 

I looked up the site and discovered it was being run by a qualified doctor, Dr. Kalila Bodden.  My curiosity was aroused as I had never come across this kind of approach before. 

I contacted Dr. Bodden for an initial consultation.  I was really impressed with her approach.  She was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and exercise and passionate about helping people to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  She was really encouraging throughout every aspect of the programme and at the same time not pushing a set regime. 

I have learned a great deal in the twelve months I have been working with her.  I have been attending the gym three times a week, following a programme she advised me on, walk most days, play golf to a reasonably high standard and generally feel like a new person, even at 60!! (Of course we all know that 60 is the new 40). 

And yes. Have lost 60 pounds so far.  More importantly, I now feel I have the skills to keep it off for good this time.

My whole attitude to food has changed dramatically.  I am so grateful to Dr. Bodden for her help, enthusiasm and encouragement over the last twelve months. 

If you are unhappy about how you look and feel and would like to change, I highly recommend you contact Dr. Bodden.

It will be the first step to a whole new you.”

  • Mimi M.

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.

“I had started to encounter a couple of quite stressful situations in both my private and professional lives that was negatively impacting my health, wellbeing and ulcerative colitis. 

Upon meeting with Dr. Bodden, I immediately knew I had made the right choice. Dr. Bodden is quite well-versed in all nutritional advice.  

My goal was to gain weight – not an easy task considering the situations I had found myself in both private and professional spaces. I had previously lost approximately 30lbs with stress related emotions and not being able to deal with them properly.

Personally my initial thoughts were – and this was after talking with Kalila for an hour – I can do this.

Dr. Bodden had broken down breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner and supper to an intrinsic detail with calories and food groups that would assist me in both of these goals.

A daily plan was laid out with protein, carbohydrates,  fiber, fat both saturated and polyunsaturated, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, calcium and vitamins.

To not elaborate too much, I – as a Financial Analyst who loves segmentation of information and details – was blown away with her medical professional advice in such a short space of time. 

We tracked my diet and then sat and analysed qualitatively and quantitively my food intake. Recommendations were at the tip of her tongue for improvements of getting those low hanging fruits and trimming the fat, pardon the puns. After these initial 2 weeks I had already gained 4lbs.

The weight gain progressed as did my overall health. The ulcerative colitis completely remained in remission! Dr. Bodden was literally 2 steps ahead of everything during every meeting.

I have to say, during these times of stress, Dr. Bodden became a rock for me to mentally (and physically) hold on to which I could only recommend to anyone that would require a dietary change – young or old, under duress, training for sports, attempting to force certain chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis or any of the other forms of IBS.

At the end of the time period of which I had hired Dr. Bodden, I had gained 9lbs, had kept my mental health in check (healthy body healthy mind), I worked through my situations privately and professionally and ended up coming out smiling at the other end.  

I would recommend Dr. Bodden to anyone in need of any type of dietary concerns.

Additionally, if you would find yourself going through a long period of stress, emotional or otherwise, I would also recommend Dr. Bodden to put a lenient diet plan together – as we really are what we eat.

Straight up, I could not say any better words or recommendations in even an initial consult with Dr. Bodden. You would not be disappointed. The only way you can end up being disappointed with the results – is if you do not follow her advice and plans.

Be it stressful situations like I had personally found myself in, if you are training for a triathlon or marathon, even a sea swim, cycling, walking, studying, general health concerns, Dr. Bodden will have answers and great assistance to be able to provide to you.

Not only is she a top professional in this field – but with an age of mental health concerns becoming rampant in society, one of the first steps anyone should take is looking after their diet – and to do that – start with Dr. Bodden.

An absolute all star in her field!

  • Tom O., Financial Analyst


So if this has resonated with you and you’re serious about a change, you are tired of waiting for the perfect body and want to get your health back in control, I’ve cleared some time on my calendar this week to talk with you to see if we’re a good fit together!


Are you ready to shine and be the confident person you KNOW you can be?

Let’s see if this program is right for you!